Tilt and Turn windows

Tilt and turn windows are ideal for many homes because they can be tilted inwards for effective ventilation and turned to make it easy for you to clean them from the inside. Their crisp, modern style suits any type of property, while energy-efficient materials will help to keep you warm – and your heating bills low. Tilt & Turn windows blend the best features of traditional casement, picture and tilting designs to create an elegant and functionally simple window.

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    Tilt and turn windows are a perfect match for every house thanks to their versatility. They were invented in Europe and combine two functions that make them very flexible. You can decide how much fresh air you want to let in with them.

    What are tilt and turn windows?

    Tilt and turn windows can be wide open just like casement windows. You can also tilt them from the bottom inwards if you just want some ventilation. The handle is used in two ways: if you turn it to the side, you can open the window all the way, and if you turn it up, the window can be tilted.

    Their flexibility is definitely the biggest advantage of these windows. You can open them fully for maximum ventilation and enjoy fresh air in the warm months of summer or you can only tilt it during the colder months. The window can be left tilted without worries as rain won’t enter your home.

    Tilt and turn windows are perfect for small rooms since they don’t take much space when open. They provide maximum ventilation and take minimum space. While other windows may not be installed in every kind of room, tilt and turn windows are perfect for any place.

    This kind of windows is also very easy to maintain. You can easily clean them from indoors without having to go outdoors and using a ladder. They give you a safety unmatched by other types of windows.

    Check out our wide range of tilt and turn windows. We’re certain you’ll find something perfect for your home. Take as much time as you need, choose your windows and enjoy their functionality.

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    Aluminum Clad, LynX Hybrid & Batten Brickmould Exterior Window Colours

    Customize the exterior of your aluminum clad, LynX Hybrid or batten brickmould windows with a colour perfectly suited to your home’s unique palette. Choose from the eight signature colour options below and instantly add curb appeal to any new home construction or renovation.

















    *Colours may not be exactly as shown and are subject to change without notice.

    Glass & Glazing Performance

    Comfort, energy savings and aesthetics are all important factors to consider when choosing windows. Selecting the best glass type is equally as important as the style of window chosen for a particular location. Windows and Glass Ltd. offers a variety of glazing options to suit any location or climate.

    Energy Savings


    There are many Low E glass types available to suit virtually any climate; Windows uses a superior product most beneficial when considering energy efficiency for Canadian weather. Low E is a unique, microscopically thin coating (not affecting clarity) containing transparent layers of metal and metal oxides. This metal coating works in tandem with an argon gas enhanced airspace, greatly reducing the sun’s hot rays from entering the home in the summer, and also traps interior climate conditions reducing energy costs of both heating and air conditioning. Each and every window and door is available with Low E glass. Low E also significantly resists damaging ultraviolet rays, protecting your curtains, furniture and flooring from fading.

    Choose the Right Low E Glass for Your Home

    LoĒ-180® GLASS

    Trust great range of performance options to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient whatever the weather. Our Low E 180 glass effectively prevents heat transfer while allowing winter sun and light to pass through. The result? Cold air stays out, warm air stays in and natural light fills your home. The UV blocking feature also eliminates 71 per cent of harmful rays to protect what matters most.

    LoĒ2-272® GLASS

    Advanced technology means the glass in your new windows is smarter than you think; our Low E2 272 Glass is a prefect example. In the winter, this glass helps keep your home’s interior warm and energy efficient by blocking heat loss. It works its magic during the hot summer months by preventing the sun’s heat and UV rays from entering your home. Yearround comfort, year-round performance— that’s 365 reasons to smile!

    LoĒ3-366® GLASS

    If high performing windows are a must for your renovation or new construction project, look to Low E3 366. A perfect blend of solar control and crystal clear visibility, this precision engineered solution eliminates heat from the sun without impacting optical clarity thanks to an additional layer of silver coating. Ultimate interior comfort and optimal energy efficiency are what makes this glass a favourite among construction professionals.

    LoĒ-I89® GLASS

    Introducing the latest breakthrough in energy efficiency—the Low E i89. Taking an already excellent product and making it even better, our enhanced i89 glass represents a new standard in energy performance and interior comfort. The new energy-saving room-side surface coating, coupled with our Low E2 and Low E3, actually reflects escaping heat back into the room and lowers U-factors. Enjoy near triple-pane performance in a double-pane unit.

    Low E Difference

    The Low E Difference

    Low E is a thin, invisible coating designed to reflect heat. It not only improves the energy efficiency of your home, it can reduce your monthly utility bills and the size of your carbon footprint.

    Glazing Performance


    As a standard, the space between the panes of glass in a Low E window are filled with argon gas—a clear, harmless gas that provides maximum insulating capabilities.


    We have an unlimited number of glazing options available including dual pane, triple pane, custom obscure patterns, reflective surfaces, etc. Your sales representative can assist with glazing configurations to suit your desired requirements.


    With its unparallel longevity and outstanding thermal performance, Endur IG stands in a class of its own. This warm-edge stainless steel spacer improves sightline temperature and enhances resistance to condensation. The corrugated shape adds strength. Bent corners—no notches or open joints—create a continuous impermeable barrier around the entire perimeter keeping moisture out.



    Consist of two panes of glass with a spacer that separates them, It is required as a standard for all residential applications in Canada due to the harsh winter climate.


    Polyisobutylene minimizes moisture permeation, is UV resistant and provides an outstanding argon barrier


    Specially formulated silicone provides long-term adhesion and structural integrity, is unaffected by UV exposure and provides excellent durability when exposed to moisture

    03 SPACER:

    Stainless steel spacer provides maximum area for primary and secondary sealant coverage. It provides increased resistance to condensation and less stress on the seal system. No polymer content eliminates the risk of chemical fogging


    Beaded molecular sieve provides initial frost points below -53°C Desiccant which assures optimum moisture absorption while minimizing the effects of temperature-related pressure changes



    A significant enhancement from dual with three panes of glass and two spacers between. Triple-pane units offer greater performance when comparing factors such as R-value.

    Performance Comparison

    Preserve Your Investment

    Preserve Your Investment

    It protects your investment with Preserve™ protective film, ensuring you can enjoy the immediate benefits of perfectly clean and flawless glass after your new construction or renovation is complete.


    • A robust coating offering protection against scratches, paint, mud and construction debris
    • Factory applied to both the interior and exterior glass
    • Easy, one-piece removal with no residual glue or adhesive
    • Quickly reveals totally spotless, unblemished glass

    Options & Accessories

    Our Hardware from Truth Hardware give you all the strength and performance with the flexibility of a snap-fit cover and streamlined full-flip folding handle that eliminates collapse during operation. Encore Operators require 33% less effort to operate than previous operators and are designed to use the same mounting location as the Maxim system. Stainless steel components are available for coastal applications. These operators complement the Encore Multi-Point Locking System.

    Handle/Cover Options


    Differentiate your window line by taking advantage of Encore’s unique cover and handle designs. Encore’s full-flip folding handle recesses in the operator cover–giving windows a smooth, contemporary look–and eliminating interference with curtains and blinds. The snap-fit cover removes easily for painting and staining of window frame.

    The Encore System


    Designed as an integrated system, Encore operators and locks provide unmatched elegance and performance. With a time-proven design, Encore products stand out in beauty while enhancing the window’s overall appearance. Innovative operators are distinctive in appearance, performance and user-friendliness. Known for their full-flip folding handle and ease of operation, Encore operators fit a wider range of profiles (fiberglass, aluminum, steel) and both wood and PVC window types. Encore operators incorporate all of the same strength and performance characteristics of Maxim operators.

    Designed to work in tandem with Encore operators, Encore Multi-Point Locks provide a complete locking system for casement and awning windows including round tops. A construction handle allows operation prior to finishing. Encore locks have fewer parts, hold 400 lbs. per lock point and are more resistant to insect and light infiltration. Providing years of trouble-free operation, Encore locks bring innovation to a new level.

    Handle Colors



    Brushed Steel

    Brushed Steel









    Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) & Grill Designs

    SDL and grill bars are often added to customize a window and match the architectural style of the home. When applied, SDL’s give the traditional true divided lite appearance, while grills offer additional decor options to complement your choice of window style.



    Available for all window types in your choice of custom or standard colours.

    SDL 02

    Shown here in aluminum and available in your choice of custom or standard aluminum exterior colours. Can be paired with a wood or PVC interior. Shown here in PVC and available in both Sand and White.

    SDL 03
    SDL 04

    Exterior Fixtures


    Available in 5/8", 2" and 3 1/2". This option comes standard with an integral nailing and is versatile for both renovation and new construction applications. Shown here in the 2" option, this brickmould is a great way to increase curb appeal.



    Build up and Clad is an option when replacing windows to provide a prefinished exterior in a wide variety of colours and widths. This technique is low maintenance and extends past the frame of the new window.



    PVC Renovation Brickmould is factory applied and specifically designed for replacing windows. The removable cap around the perimeter conceals the mounting screws making the replacement seem virtually invisible. The cap is contoured for added aesthetic appeal and gives a clean and fresh finish to your renovation. Available in 1 1/2", 1 3/4" and 2" sizes. 1" Sub-Sill features the same heritage detail found in a wood moulding but with the longevity and durability of vinyl, making it maintenance-free. Combined with our Renovation Brickmould, it further compliments our PVC Window Series and makes replacing older wood windows with a sub-sill seamless.


    PVC Brickmoulds


    Aluminum Brickmoulds


    Wood Brickmoulds

    Custom designs also available.


    Wood Exterior Windows

    Both window interiors and exteriors can be stained or painted to create the design effect best suited to your home. A variety of brickmoulds, from contemporary to traditional, are available to match any architectural design. We use solid clear wood with no finger joints to provide the flexibility you need to paint or stain the exterior, customizing to suit your personal preferences.

    Batten Brickmould Windows

    Innovated and offered exclusively, the batten brickmould window is a high performance, high style option created with the needs of homeowners, builders and renovators in mind. Stylish, durable and conveniently installed in one easy step, it offers an attractive, leak-free solution that outlasts and outperforms traditional batten windows.


    • Can be customized for a variety of sizes
    • Installed as one complete unit, requires no caulking
    • A visually stunning 3 1/2" aluminum extruded brickmould
    • 3 1/2" finished face with an integral nailing fin
    • Outstanding weather resistance and durability
    • Optional natural-looking wood finish and custom colour matching
    • Addresses flashing details typically required by building code

    Exclusive Batten Brickmould Windows

    • Attached batten brickmould
    • No caulking required
    • Integral nailing fin
    • Corners protected with multiple gaskets
    • All components powdercoated to ensure colour match

    The Painted Smart Board Batten Method

    • Smart board that requires endless maintenance and paint
    • Multiple flashing required
    • Gap between window and trim to allow water to enter and damage the envelope seal during freeze/thaw cycles

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