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We supply top of the line European windows and doors – and here you can learn more about our journey as a professional windows and doors company. Let us provide you with a glimpse of our journey as a professional windows and doors company in Edmonton.

Marius Walczak

The mastermind behind this perfection

Our founder, Marius, has been in this industry since 2004. He has worked tirelessly on every step of windows and doors production and installation to innovate better ways. Over the course of his professional journey, he has always tried to find the perfect solution for his customers: to install the finest windows available on the market and do so with the right skill and a complete comprehension of each client’s specific needs. Walbert Windows was born out of his passion for customer service and product perfection and precision.

At Walbert Windows, we have been serving the Edmonton and area community since 2016. We listen to you to learn what you need. With our straight talk and honest approach, we are dedicated to providing guidance in your choice of windows and doors, every step of the way.

Marius has enjoyed meeting so many people through the years of installing windows and doors. His products and work are something he takes great pride in. A local company to Edmonton, his connection to his clients is important and he has made sure they felt valued and happy with not only his work, but his product as well. Marius recognized a shortfall in the area of supplying unique choices in windows and doors in Alberta.

After much research and searching, Marius found a window and door manufacturer that he is happy with and that produces a product that he can be proud of. They are able to supply European style tilt and turn windows and the clean line, contemporary style in doors that so many people in the Edmonton area are requesting. Marius wanted to be able to supply these products to his customers and the people he has come to care so much about. In fact, Walbert Windows has now become the main distributor of these specialized products, not just for Edmonton, but for all of Western Canada.

With over a decade of experience in installing windows and doors; Walbert Windows is recognized by our customers and suppliers alike as being among the best technicians in the industry. After so many years of determination and hard work, we received recognition as the most reputed windows and doors company across the city. Our knowledge and expertise will assist our customers in finding the best quality product for their unique job, every time.

Trust is what we value the most. Read what those who have already trusted us have had to say about our products, previous installations, and customer service.

We have many styles to choose from and we will work with you to customize your project, ensuring it turns out exactly the way you want it.

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Why choose us?


We listen to our Clients

At Walbert Windows, we listen to you to learn what you need. With our straight talk and honest approach, we are dedicated to providing guidance every step of the way.

Locally designed

Quality Product

Our windows and doors are specifically chosen for their quality and durability.  They meet CSA (Canadian Standard Association) and Energy Star standards.  Our experience enables us to source out a manufacturer that meets and surpasses our high standards and now, we can pass those products on to you.  Now supplying products to all of Western Canada.

Professional installation

Local Customer Service you can count on

At Walbert Windows, we also give you the benefit of a local office with people that you can talk to. Our sales and customer care teams are the cornerstone of our success and their experience makes all the difference. Any concerns or questions you have can be addressed quickly and efficiently without being put on hold or calling an outsourced 1800 number.  We pride ourselves on being a local, Edmonton, Alberta -based company with a strong belief in both product and service excellence. We have been serving clients in the Edmonton area for over fifteen years.



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