New high-efficiency windows

Our windows are designed to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to our customers who seek technologically advanced products. All of our windows are star energy certified to make your home energy efficient while enhancing its insulation for Alberta’s toughest winters.

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New high-efficiency aluminium windows

Are you thinking about renovating your house? Maybe you want to replace a broken window? Have you always thought about having a high-quality, customised window for your home?

Walbert Windows is the answer to all of your needs. Having 20 years of experience designing and crafting windows, we know the needs of Canadian homes, and we’ll help you design the best window for yours.

It’s not just about the windows themselves – we offer a wide range of services that will help our clients:

  • We listen to our clients: their wants and needs are of the highest priority to us – we make the effort to completely listen to you and understand what kind of windows you need. Our honest and straightforward approach means you’ll be completely happy with everything before we even start manufacturing the windows.
  • Professional installation: our foremen are a crucial part of our business – we realise that a perfectly crafted window isn’t enough – but it needs to be expertly installed with care. That’s why we provide experienced foremen that will ensure the windows are installed without any problems.
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Awning windows are hinged on the top and open outwards from the bottom - this makes them excellent for providing ventilation while protecting against rain and snow. If you want a window that will keep your room’s air fresh regardless of the weather, awning windows are the way to go.

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Casement windows open from the sides and are supported by hinges from both the left and the right side. Popular in kitchens and sheds, their design allows them to open wide and let in a lot of air in and provide great circulation. This is particularly important for kitchens where the smell might become a big issue while cooking.

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Bay and Bow

Bay and bow windows are designed by combining three window cases together at an angle - this unique setup allows bay and bow windows to let more light in and offer more space in your room - the window frame also makes an excellent location to place plants.

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Tilt and turn

Tilt-and-turn windows, usually, have a simple composition of a single glass pane and window frame, but they are one of the few windows that can be opened from the side or outwards - this lets you minutely control how much ventilation your rooms get. This is especially important in the cold where you don’t want your room to lose too much heat.

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Slider windows are, generally, large windows that open by sliding to the other side - these windows have a large window-to-frame ratio making them great for rooms that are overlooking your garden or patio because they don’t obfuscate the view and let you enjoy it fully.

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