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Windows Renovation – Replacement & Repair

If you want locally designed and manufactured windows that meet the Canadian Standard Association and Energy Star Standards, windows that are crafted specifically for your business, and windows that are professionally produced, Walbert Windows is the right company for you.

Whether you’re a small business owner or you own a high-end restaurant, your goal is to make your business appear stylish and unique.

We specialize in commercial window and apartment building window renovations. We help you from the designing stage, choosing the most practical & chic option while staying under budget to the installation phase where we send our professional foremen to do the job correctly. We believe every business is different and has unique needs, that’s why we sit down with you and make sure you’re completely happy before proceeding.

We know there are many companies who are offering windows, but we are one of the only companies that are dedicated to crafting our products locally, know Edmonton inside-out and its unique challenges and needs, and provide professional customer support long after you’ve bought your windows, so you can rest assured your windows will always be in tip-top condition.


We offer many commercial services and types

1. Double and Triple Pane Windows: we know how cold Edmonton can be in the winter. Sealed windows will keep the heat inside and significantly reduce your heating bill.

2. Apartment buildings – we are experienced in large scale condominium building window renovation projects. Because every building is different, we will work closely with you on a customized window replacement offer.

3. Screens: presentation is a large factor when it comes to running a successful café or restaurant. We offer large screens that make it impossible for pedestrians not to check your place when they see it from the outside.

4. Window parts: we understand how expensive replacing your whole window can be, so we offer a wide range of repairs that will make your window appear as new and cost you less.

5. Entrances: if you are thinking of changing the front of your commercial estate, investing in an entrance should be high on your list. Entrances are the focal point of your building, and it is the first thing your employees and customers see.

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