Why Should You Consider Installing Awning Windows?

October 7, 2021

Why Should You Consider Installing Awning Windows?

Aesthetically pleasing homes appeal to everybody, and people admire their architecture. Doors and windows play a major role in making your home look beautiful. However, it is important that you consider the functionality of your windows and doors along with their beauty and curb appeal. Investing in different kinds of windows that not only look great but are also beneficial is a win-win situation. Awning windows are a prime example of functional yet stylish windows.

Awning windows have been used in the home and decor industry for years, and people install them in their homes not only for their beauty and design but also for better airflow and ventilation.

This blog post highlights the top benefits of awning windows that add value to your home.

How Do Awning Windows Work?

Awning windows are different from regular windows and, thus, work differently. They open outward from the top and are screened on the inside of the window. There is a chain winder that allows you to open the required amount of windows you need. Awnings are best suited for high places and offer sky views and better ventilation than regular windows. Furthermore, they are also suitable for basements.

Better Ventilation

One of the biggest benefits of installing awning windows in your home is better ventilation. Ventilation is important not only for the summer season but for winter as well. Your HVAC and other heating or cooling systems circulate the same air inside your house. This can be dangerous especially if one of your family members has asthma or allergies.

Awning windows allow you to ventilate the area without opening the actual windows below. Since awning windows are located at a height, they allow better airflow and natural light. This creates a bright environment, and you feel fresh. This benefit is particularly helpful for basements where there are no windows. In such cases, awning windows play their part in maintaining an effective ventilation system in the basement.

More Energy Efficient

Opting for awning windows means you are opting for design, beauty, and energy efficiency. Windows in Edmonton need to keep the cold air inside during the summer and warm air in winter. Awning windows can do that for you, which means you can cost-effectively enjoy both kinds of weather. By investing in double or triple-pane glass for your awning windows, you will save a lot on your utility bills.

Furniture Remains Safe From Fading

The opening of the awning windows glass prevents sun rays from directly interacting with your furniture. Opting for translucent glass that reduces the harshness of sun’s rays can prevent the color of your furniture from fading.

Over time, the sun rays that fall directly on your furniture can fade the polish and make other items brittle. Awning windows provide you with ample shade and sun while also allowing proper airflow.

Moreover, in the winter, you don’t have to worry about the rain or snow getting inside. The glass pane of the window catches the snow and rain before it enters the opening. Keeping you safe from moisture damage.

Beautiful Design

Awning windows come in an attractive design and have a contemporary outlook. It is a different option from other windows, which makes the exterior of your home more pleasant. Walbert Windows offers tons of design options at affordable rates.

About Walbert Windows

If you need any help installing awning windows in your home or commercial building, Walbert Windows is here to provide its professional services. From contemporary to traditional, we have the perfect style for your home in a wide variety of colors, materials, and decorative glass designs. We are an Edmonton-based company with a strong belief in both product and service excellence. Contact us for further information.



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