Why installation matters:

January 12, 2017

Why installation matters: The simplest answer is this: if your windows are installed improperly, they won’t perform the way they are supposed to.  What’s worse, with time they may cause serious problems for your house, such as leakage, and subsequent damage to construction, framing, and flooring. The majority of people who have never installed windows won’t see a difference between correctly and incorrectly measured windows. Installing a window that is too small creates gaps between the window frame and the wall. Inexperienced installers may put too much insulation to fill this gap. If what they use is spray foam, it can warp the window frame. If they use fiberglass instead, the window won’t perform properly. Another downside is a window with a smaller glass surface that limits your view. It’s always a good idea to ask your installers what type of materials they use. Good quality materials like spray foam will boost a window’s long-term performance. Poor quality materials like fiberglass won’t insulate as well. When talking about the technicalities of the window installation process, we should also mention shimming – a shim is a thin wedge of wood used for positioning window or door units within their respective openings. Its placement is critical to proper window installation. Shimming positioning depends on window size and type, however, if shimming is placed in a wrong spot, the glass will subside overtime, which may cause glass and frame breakage. Have you ever experienced any of these issues and are looking for professional installation and product advice? We will address all your concerns and deliver worry-free windows and doors, along with professional installation. Call us at (780) 705 6275 or email us at @maskdevelopments.ca



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