What to consider when buying windows?

November 5, 2016

What to consider when buying windows? Just like with any other major renovation project, there are countless options when buying windows and doors. We won’t cover all of them here. Instead, we will give you some hints on how to navigate through the window and door buying process in a quick and easy way:
  1. First, decide on your window or door quality, taking into account factors like:
  • your budget,
  • reasons for replacing: long term investment, installation for re-sale, comfort
  • codes
This will help narrow down your choices and give you a better idea of what you should buy.
  1. Next, select your window advisors. Generally, there are two options to choose from: window companies and independent contractors. Both offer similar quality products and options. The major difference between the two is that window companies usually employ in-house crews to install their windows. If you decide to hire a contractor, you can easily research his credentials. Contractors are usually smaller, local companies that strive to deliver the highest level of service. They care about their reputation in their community, as they have to personally stand behind their work.
  2. Before making any decisions, ask your professional window contractor for advice. They will show you the difference between different materials used, and help you with inspiration regarding styles and finishes. They have immense knowledge about windows, as well as on product installation. They also have excellent market knowledge, and what’s most important, they have seen the types of things that can go wrong and know how to avoid them as far as installation goes.
  3. Finally, we strongly encourage our customers to visit our partner window showroom. Seeing everything with your own eyes will give you a better understanding of windows, material types and functions. When you arrive at a showroom, try to see and feel the difference between lower and higher quality windows. Touch different types of windows to feel the material. Look inside the window profile. Looking at a picture will never substitute for an actual viewing and touching of the window or door.
Have these tips been helpful? Please give us a call at 780 995 1053 and we will answer all of your further technical and general questions.



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