What Time Of Year Should I Replace My Windows?

October 15, 2021

What Time Of Year Should I Replace My Windows?

Is replacing your windows on your to do list for 2021? Every season has its pros and cons that can impact your project. Setting up a consultation with a good window installer company can help guide you on when the best time for your window replacement project is so that you can plan accordingly.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of installing windows in the summer, winter, spring and fall will help you make a sound decision. This blog post talks about some important points that can help you pick the right time to have your windows replaced.

Spring Replacement

Spring is the best time for window replacements as the weather is neither too cold nor too warm. Say you are replacing multiple windows, having them replaced in spring would not let any unwanted cold drafts enter your home since the weather outside would be pleasant thus keeping the environment inside your house pleasant too. The only drawback is that you may have to wait for your turn since the temperature is favourable, everyone will want to replace their windows during this time. Hence, windows replacement companies will be receiving a lot of traffic. So, you may or may not get an appointment to have your windows replaced in the spring season.

Summer Replacement

Summer is the second busiest time of the year for window replacement. So, you might have to face heavy competition with installer availability. Heat and humidity can create interesting challenges for window installers. So, make sure you hire a company that has years of experience and is qualified to complete the task.

During the summer season along with the heat and humidity, you will also have to face pests and insects coming in from different openings. However, this issue can be dealt with by sealing any openings with plastic or cardboard. If you want to avoid the inconvenience of living in a house without windows, you can always plan a summer getaway while the windows of your house are being replaced.

Fall Replacement

Fall comes at the end of the busy season for window installers so you will be able to receive more flexible time for window replacement. As winter is coming, you will be able to find leaks and fix them beforehand.

Some experts believe that this helps you save on heating and also prepares your house for the upcoming winter season. The fall season comes with the drawback of dry cold air entering your house during the replacement of your windows. However, if you hire a professional company, the workers will most likely be proficient in tackling similar issues.

Winter Replacement

The extremely cold weather of the winter season is a challenge for windows installers. Since it takes at least 30 minutes to install one window the whole project will take up a lot of time and cold drafts will enter your home through the empty spaces resulting in a spike in your electricity bill. If you are planning on having your windows replaced during the winter season, your house will become inhabitable during replacement and you will have to shift to another location during this time period.

So, because of the extreme weather conditions most people don’t prefer the winter season for window replacement. The only benefit is since not many households are up for window replacement during the winter season window installer companies will be free and you will be able to book a time slot of your preference. Since it is not a busy season, companies tend to offer discounts and promos at this time too so you can avail those offers and receive a monetary discount on your replacement project. Just be sure to choose a company that has years of experience and is able to do the job efficiently.

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