Trendy Door Designs For 2022 That Will Increase Your Property’s Curbside Value

October 28, 2021

Trendy Door Designs For 2022 That Will Increase Your Property’s Curbside Value

Everybody likes to have a home that is not only comfortable but also aesthetically appealing. While there are tons of architectural elements that you can choose to design your home from according to your taste and style, investing in functional and aesthetic doors and windows is critical to have a long-lasting impact.

Doors and windows can make or break the outlook of your home. If you don’t choose the right type of doors for your home, sooner or later, you will want to change them again, which will only cost you more money and time.

Therefore, it is better to research well before installing them. Doors have a significant impact on the presentation of your house and directly impact your property’s curb appeal. For this, it is also important to keep in touch with the market trends. You can also contact a professional doors company who can guide you about the latest designs available according to the structure of your home. This blog post mentions the value-adding designs of doors for 2022.

High Doors

High doors will be trending in the year 2022. The ceiling in your apartment or house can be very low nowadays. In combination with these ceilings, construction companies are using high doors that offer a door frame with more than 2 meters of height.

You can use a long door panel or a transom made of glass for this type of door. Another benefit of glass transoms is that they can be a good source of natural sunlight in your bedroom or living room.

Wider Doors

This is particularly suitable for front doors. Wider front doors would be in demand in the year 2022. You can opt for the entire door structure, including wide sidelights, or the actual door itself can be bigger. Moreover, you can also opt for double-door designs. Wider doors not only look good but also give enough space to move things in and out of your home.

Increased panel size will continue to be the main point of design trends. Similarly, large terrace doors can add a wow factor to your space. They will surely turn heads and also add comfortability for you to move your furniture.

Glass Doors

Glass doors never go out of fashion. They not only look stylish but also allow natural sunlight into your space. Oversized glass elements within your doors design will be popular in the year 2022. You can use blurred glass doors as a segregation for your drawing room and living room. If you are worried about your privacy there are many ways you can add textural glass designs to maintain your privacy while adding more natural light in your front entryway.

Simple Wooden Designs

Gone are the days of floral engraved designs on wooden doors. Now people prefer simpler designs that look more elegant and are easy to clean. It also gives a more modern look, but you can choose a floral pattern if you would like to go for a traditional or an oriental design. However, simpler designs will be trending in 2022.

Bold Colors

Many people are ditching those traditional colors of brown shades and opting for bolder colors to give a new outlook to their home. Now, many people are opting for colors like yellow, red, white, and dark blue. Emerald green, blues, mustard yellows, and purple are also in the spotlight for homes. Adding some colour into your home can make a huge impact in terms of your decor and mental health. They influence our perceptions and affect our emotions and mood.

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