Sound of body, sound of mind — how windows can affect your mental state

August 16, 2019

Sound of body, sound of mind — how windows can affect your mental state Sunlight can influence our emotions and give us more energy. It’s also a simple but very effective solution to boost productivity at the workplace. That’s why choosing the perfect windows doesn’t only affect the look of the building, it’s also important for our well-being. The right placement of a window can guarantee the maximum influx of natural daylight into the house. It will not only let us enjoy all the health benefits but save up on the energy bills as well. Poor lighting can make the interiors seem gloomy. Spending time in such rooms will make us feel tired and cranky, so it’s important to take careof the proper lighting options.

Sunlight in Edmonton

Even though winter days in Edmonton are cold and short, the very long summer days make Alberta one of the sunniest regions in Canada. During the year, Edmonton gets around 325 days during which you can experience some sunshine, which means you can expect nearly 2350 hours of bright sunshine within a year. During summers, the lack of natural daylight won’t be a problem, but the situation changes when it comes to the winters. Short days mean you have to find ways to utilise the available light to the fullest.

How the sun affects mental health

Vitamin D is a nutrient which is important in maintaining our health. Not high enough levels can cause serious problems, like bone loss and heart diseases. It can also be a risk factor for various cancers, e.g. bowel cancer or breast cancer. Vitamin D deficiency impacts our mental state as well. Researchers found a link between low Vitamin D levels and depression. Even though it’s not a directcause, it increases the risk of depression and other mental health problems. Vitamin D gets absorbed through the skin so the easiest way to counter such risks is by ensuring sufficient exposure to sunlight

Increase the influx of natural light

Many people suffer from seasonal depressions, which can become serious health problems if not treated properly. Such conditions can be caused by vitamin D deficiency. That’s why the easiest way in which we can counter them is by implementing the best natural lighting solutions in our house. Bright space will help improve our mood and increased sunlight will help to boost the vitamin D levelin our organism. If you’re planning a house renovation, it’s important to consider which lighting option will be optimal for you. To maximise the influx of natural light, you should look for big windows which will not obstruct any of the much-needed sunlight. If your windows face south or south-west, make sure to choose ones with low E film. This way you’ll be able to maintain a comfortable temperature during summer. In case of windows facing north and north-east, you don’t have to worry about overheating.



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