Replacing the Windows Before Selling a Home. Should You Do It or Not?

January 8, 2020

Replacing the Windows Before Selling a Home. Should You Do It or Not?

Selling your home is a big life and financial decision: do it right and you might even make a decent return on your initial investment in the house, do it wrong and you might potentially lose out on thousands of dollars. That’s why you need to be really careful and plan ahead before selling your home – this isn’t something you should rush. In this article, we’ll explore whether it is a good idea to renovate the exterior of your home and replace the windows before putting up your home for sale or are the costs unjustified.

First Impressions about the Exterior of Your Home Count for A Lot

What’s the first image homebuyers see when they look at an ad for your home online? What’s the first part of your house they’ll see when they come to visit? That’s right – in both cases, the first thing they’ll see is the exterior of your home, and by extension, the windows.

Multiple studies have shown that first impressions matter a lot. No matter how modern is the interior of your home, if the first thing the potential homebuyer is met with is faded-out frames and yellow-tinted windows, their first impression of your home will be tinted worse than your windows. If their first impressions are bad, they are more likely to find fault with the rest of the house and undervalue it. This is why it is important to ensure the exterior of your home looks as good as possible before you start listing your home for sale. It is highly likely you’ll be making the money back and then some due to how better your home will look.

Replacing the Windows is Economically Sound

Another major reason you should replace the windows before selling your home is how good of an investment it actually is. Some people don’t want to bear the cost of replacing the windows because they are afraid they have to pay too much, and they think they are not going to live in the house anymore so there is no need to bother, but that is the wrong way of framing it.

replacing the windows and the frames

As we mentioned in the previous section, the point of replacing the windows is not to provide comfort to you, but to increase the house’s market value. And as most real estate experts will tell you, replacing the windows and the frames do a pretty good job of increasing the market value of your house. So, you will likely make your money back and then some if you invest in new windows.

Why Should You Choose WalbertWindows to Help You Replace the Windows

WalbertWindows are a professional window installation and window replacement company in Edmonton, Canada. They offer a variety of products from sliding doors to high-efficiency windows and even take orders for bespoke windows. They’ll be able to efficiently and quickly check all the windows in your home and do any necessary replacements. If you want a headache-free and inexpensive experience so you can go on as quickly as possible to list your property for sale.

Frequently Asked Question

What Should I Replace Before Selling My House?

Aside from your windows, it is also a good idea to take a look at the doors, as they are also a focal point in your home as you view it from the outside, so if they are worn out, it is a decent idea to replace them as well. Getting a new paint job for your home is also a good idea.

Is Window Replacement Worth the Cost?

This largely depends on the quality of your windows right now:

  • If you’ve replaced the windows just last year, and replacing the windows won’t yield a better-looking house, the cost of replacing it is probably not worth it.
  • On the other hand, if you have broken windows on the front side of your home making it look ugly and old, then you definitely need to replace your windows.
  • In between, where most houses lie, the windows are not new and show signs of wear and tear, but they’re not broken either. According to our experience, it is usually a good idea to replace the windows, and you’ll be making your money back.

How Long Do House Windows Last?

This largely depends on the quality of the manufacturing, the type of window, and the climate of your location. Most windows last anywhere from 20 to even 50 years. What you should keep in mind, however, is that most windows, especially low-quality ones, will lose their appeal in a few years. That’s why we recommended a high-quality manufacturer, so you can be sure your windows and their frames will look good for years to come.



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