Modern hybrid windows

Hybrid windows are all about getting the best of both worlds of PVC and aluminium windows – cutting-edge technology, hybrid windows mix elements of aluminium and PVC windows to give you a few key advantages:

  • The outer aluminium frame withstands rain, moisture, and blunt damage better, while the inner wooden frame will make your window appear natural and homely on the inside. This duality gives hybrid windows unique practicality and aesthetics that are unmatched.
  • This unique frame also provides better insulation and prevents heat loss. Windows overlooking your garden are often large, so insulation is extremely crucial if you don’t want your room to get too cold.

We installed new windows in a newly built contemporary Glenora house. The hybrid windows (aluminium on the outside and interior wood finish) added value to this new home. The outside dark colour enhances the modern design, and the beautiful interior finish adds warmth and complements the amazing view.


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