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Sliding patio doors are the perfect way to open up your home to the outdoors without sacrificing space. These doors are sleek and smooth to operate and are secure, attractive and energy-efficient. Patio doors are a great addition to any home in Edmonton.

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    European design Sliding Patio And Garden Doors

    If you are looking for a reliable selection of sliding doors in Edmonton, then you’ve come to the right place. Walbert windows now gives you access to some of the most advanced, net-zero, Energy Star rated for Alberta and Western Canada; best-looking sliding doors for your garden or patio in the area. No matter the style of your home, you can be certain that you’ll find something that you love from the wide variety of doors we offer.

    From the moment we touched these Tilt and Turn windows and doors, and opened and closed them, we knew we wanted them in our house. We knew they were not “run of the mill” windows and doors. No matter if there was an extra cost or not; we wanted them in our new house. The difference in quality from the windows we were used to seeing in Alberta; was apparent immediately.

    T. Ritter

    We supply and install the best quality residential patio doors in Edmonton. Our sliding patio doors are a stylish, space-saving and contemporary way to bring you close to your garden. You will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

    With several varieties to choose from, these European designed doors offer you incredible selection. You will feel the difference the moment you touch these doors. The smooth movement of the handle to the strength and weight of these doors; they will impress you. The seals will keep the weather on the outside of your house; where it belongs. The multiple locks that engage with a simple turn of the handle, will also enhance your security and feeling of safety.

    What are some of my choices for European Sliding Patio doors?

    You can choose from our Energy Star rated sliding patio doors with a stylish aluminum handle that turns to open the door that opens in several ways. There are many styles, shapes and colors of not only the hardware, but also the frames.

    • The tilt and turn option is not left out when it comes to patio doors and offers an amazing way to increase your ventilation without compromising your security.
    Tilt and Turn
    Fold Away
    Lift and slide
    • We can supply and install fold away doors that give an unobstructed view and access to the outside. They will make you feel completely connected to your terrace.
    • Lastly, we offer large sliding doors that are large and custom sizes. They can also be separated into smaller panels that with a lift of the handle, slide seamlessly in the frame.

    What can I expect?

    All of our patio doors effortlessly glide open to create the perfect entrance in the summer while providing unrivalled insulation in the winter. You can enjoy the outdoors in or close yourself off with this cutting-edge piece of house decoration that we offer to all of our Edmonton clients. Whichever of our residential patio doors you decide to buy, you can expect:

    • A product tailor-made to your specification to complement the look of your home,
    • High-performance security,
    • Unrivalled levels of thermal performance from the energy-efficient sealed glass units.

    We’re prepared not only to offer you residential doors that will match the look of your home but we will make sure that you get the right dimensions that you need. Our sliding doors are available in standard sizes and there are also full custom sizes available. So even if your home is non-standard in terms of dimensions, you’ll be able to enjoy our patio doors and garden doors to their fullest. If you cannot wait to order these for your home; Contact us today to arrange an estimate and quote.

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