How Can Bay And Bow Windows Revamp The Interior Of Your House?

August 13, 2021

How Can Bay And Bow Windows Revamp The Interior Of Your House?

Gone are the days when homeowners had only one or two window options to choose from. Nowadays, window manufacturers offer several options ranging from different window styles to model glass options and various colors.

Windows are a feature that immediately accentuates the outlook of your house. In Edmonton, Bay and Bow windows are very common. They not only add that extra oomph to the exterior of your home but also add character to the room they are installed in.

Bay and Bow windows are usually installed in living and dining areas where people want ample light and a good view of the outdoors. Some of the ways in which bay and bow windows can revamp the interior of your house are:

Natural Light

Bay and bow windows are a great source of natural light. Since the glass is aligned at a certain angle (90, 135, and 50 degrees) it lets in gorgeous natural light such that the rays entwine together.

Moreover, bay and bow windows are designed such that they protrude out from the side of your house. This way they funnel in natural light giving charm and style to the area in front of it. Moreover, the curve in the windows structure gives a dramatic three-dimensional effect. You can also open the windows for better ventilation.

With a variety of glass options and color options to choose from, you can customize the amount of light that enters your house via the bay and bow windows. You can go for tinted glasses to restrict some light.

However, if you don’t like tinted or colored windows, you can always opt for translucent glass with different textures to filter a portion of the light that enters your house. You can also use light curtains or blinds in front of the windows that can be used to prevent light from coming in on extremely sunny days.

Illusion Of A Larger Space

If the room you are adding bay and bow windows to is relatively smaller, the structure will help make the room look larger and more spacious. Both bay windows and bow windows are curved structures with huge glass windows aligned at different angles. They also provide a great view of the outdoors.

Hence, they give an illusion of a larger space even if the room is relatively small. As compared to bay and bow windows, a normal window is a flat pane of glass that is on the same plane as your wall. However, bay and bow windows create an illusion of the whole space being larger because of their protruding shape.

Window Seat

Who does not love a good window seat overlooking their gorgeous backyard or front yard? A bay and bow window structure protrudes outward, hence, there is enough space to have a seat board installed at its base.

A window seat is a great place to sit, relax and enjoy the weather. From letting you watch the summer rain to helping you soak in the beautiful sun in spring, window seats make an ideal addition to any space.

The under-unit of the seat can also be used as an extra storage space in your house. It can be used to store extra linen, crockery, or kids toys according to your needs. You can use this space to have a chest built-in with a flip-top.

Increased Curb Appeal

Bay and bow windows have been known to increase the curb appeal and value of a house or a structure. Potential buyers are usually drawn to a property that looks bright and airy. Bay and bow windows give a feel of having more floor space inside your home. Moreover, they greatly improve the facade of your home.

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