Four signs that you need to replace your windows

August 16, 2017

Four signs that you need to replace your windows Have you wondered if this is the right time to start looking for new windows? We will try to help you to answer this question so you can decide yourself if your gut is right.
looking at a window
Deciding if I need new windows.
One of the visible signs, that you need new windows, is when you see a water condensation between your window panes. When you take a closer look you might also notice dirt built up. If you can see impurities in between the panes together with a condensation it is a high time to get new windows. During the winter time, try to walk beside your window and check if you can feel any draft. If you feel a cool breeze, it means something is not right. Call us and we will take a closer look and assess the condition of your windows. The dreaded ice build up is an indicator that your windows don’t perform well. You should get your windows checked by a professional to see what is causing the issue and weather you need new ones. Another guideline, that we give our customer, is the age of windows. If your house was built by a builder, 15 to 20 years ago, there is a high chance that you’ll need to start looking for new windows. Most of the builders install lower quality windows and any inspector will tell you that their life expectancy doesn’t exceed 20 years. If you would like us to have a look at your windows, see how they perform, call us at 780 995 1731.  



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