Can I clean my windows during winter?

March 21, 2019

Can I clean my windows during winter?

We wouldn’t recommend cleaning windows during the cold spells. But when it gets warmer with plus temperatures, those would be ideal days to tackle your windows. This year the City of Edmonton started using new anti-icing formula which includes calcium chloride and salt. With the strong wind and melting snow dragging debris onto your windows, it would be recommended to clean your windows if not during, then after the winter.

Choose a suitable day that isn’t too cold and not too windy. It is recommended to clean your windows in the shade or on overcast days to avoid streaks.

Start washing your windows by removing any dirt, dust, or debris that has built up in the tracks and grooves. With time, this dirt can cause your window opening mechanism to malfunction.

You want to use warm water and a window cleaner. During the days when temperatures are closer to 0 Celsius and you are worried about the water freezing on the windows, you can add a little of windshield washing solution to the water.

A lot of us use paper towels to wipe your windows, microfiber cloths also work well and are more eco-friendly. You can wash them many times and reuse.

For clients who like to clean their windows less often, we offer “neat glass”. This coating harnesses the sunlight to loosen dirt so rain can clean it away. With “neat glass” you will enjoy cleaner windows longer and cleaning will be much easier.



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