The Unending Charm Of Casement Windows

June 9, 2022

The Unending Charm Of Casement Windows Besides being a way to enjoy natural light within the comfort of your home, windows are one of the most critical components of home decor. Surprisingly, a well-installed window does not only provide you with the needed light and ventilation but also increases the curb appeal of your property. Since ancient times, our need for light and ventilation through windows has remained consistent. However, what has changed is the technology, material, installation techniques, designs, and styles. Today, if you step out of your house to seek the best window type, the varieties and options available will leave you overwhelmed and baffled. While some window installers will promise uniqueness and excellent material quality, others will pitch affordability backed by sturdiness. When talking about designs, modern window manufacturers in Edmonton go beyond the time and technology barriers to come up with new creations every day. From conventional masterpieces to contemporary wonders, the choices are beyond your imagination. Honestly speaking, there aren’t any right or wrong types of windows. All that matters is their durability, efficiency, compatibility, and feasibility. Thus, choosing a window depends upon your personal taste and requirements. To help you get started with the search for the ideal windows for your home, this blog post will discuss casement windows suitability.

What Are Casement Windows?

Casement-Windows Source Casement windows are the oldest, simplest, and yet the most versatile type of windows worldwide. The isolating feature of casement windows is that the panes hinge to the frame on the sides and the window swing open outwards. This is why casement windows are also called crank windows in some parts of the world. For easier operation, these windows often feature a handle or lever. However, people usually confuse casement windows with awning windows and hoppers. While all these types use the same hinge technology, which is why they are often mixed up, their operation and hinge position make them different. In the case of awning windows, the hinges are present at the top edge of the frame, while hoppers are hinged at the bottom. Due to the cultural diversity across the globe and the advancements in technology, numerous variations and styles of casement windows have emerged. Let us have a brief look at them:

Standard Casement

This is the least complex and the most popular style of casement windows. They feature two panes separated by a vertical post right at the center. If you are looking for simplicity and affordability, the standard casement is an excellent choice. The pane and the frame are available in a variety of materials.

French Casement

However, if splendor is your aim and you crave an unobstructed view, French casement will not disappoint you. Like standard casement, these usually have two panes, are hinged at the sides and open outwards. However, there isn’t any vertical post in the middle. The latter allows for an unobstructed view . French casement windows are often more lavish than the standard and are common in traditional architecture.

Single Casement

In this variation of casement, there is only a single window pane attached to the frame from one side. It also opens outwards.

Picture Casements

In this case, the idea is to optimally maximize the area of glass for a perfectly framed outside view – hence, the name. These windows can not be opened, and the glass or pane is fixed in place. These are usually the rectangular windows you see in living rooms or meeting areas.

Flush Casement

Flush is the latest technological advancement in the world of casement windows. Unlike traditional casement windows, which are ‘lipped’ and protrude a bit outwards, this window style lies flat against the window frame when closed. Thus, a sleek and attractive finish is provided.

Why Should You Install Casement Windows?

Every type of window fulfills a specific purpose. While some are good for natural ventilation, others boast a fantastic visual appeal. As we said earlier, your unique needs and taste will determine the suitability of the window type for your house. When you install casement windows from reputable window suppliers, you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Maximum natural light and ventilation
  • Highly secure
  • Energy efficient
  • Visually attractive
  • Numerous customization options

Where Can You Get The Best Casement Windows?

As a locally owned and operated company (Edmonton-based), we take pride in our designs and material quality, which meet CSA (Canadian Standard Association) and Energy Star standards. Learn more about Walbert Windows and our incredible offerings. Contact us now for more information.



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