Spectacular Benefits Of Fiberglass Front And Back Doors

August 4, 2022

Spectacular Benefits Of Fiberglass Front And Back Doors

From contemporary apartments to long-standing architectural marvels, fiberglass exterior and interior doors have emerged as a sensational preference in every residential setting across Edmonton. Their artificial yet incredible microstructure, colour, texture, gloss, and even grain will cause the best door manufacturers and wood experts to mistake the material for wood. Boasting a dazzling wood-like appearance, feel, enticement, and elegance, fiberglass is surfacing as the most sought-after alternative to wooden doors.

As long-standing and time-honoured window and door manufacturers in Edmonton, we have seen the industry evolve from the craft phase to the innovative phase. The shift from the use of naturally existing raw materials like wood and metal to synthesized materials like fiberglass and uPVC has been phenomenal. In the preceding five years, inventors have worked tirelessly to overcome the shortcomings of natural materials through artificially created polymer alloys. In this regard, fiberglass consistently stood out and continues to do so.

Unfortunately, many decor fanatics and homeowners are missing out on the benefits of fiberglass doors due to the misconception that the material is not durable and lacks the charm of conventional materials.

In light of the ongoing misinformation and lack of knowledge, this blog post will discuss fiberglass doors in detail and also dig deeper into their perks.

What Is A Fiberglass Door?

Crafted from fiber-reinforced plastic embedded with compressed glass fibers and finished with artificial grain, fiber doors are excellent visual replicas of wooden doors. Their light-weightedness and easy installation have made them quite popular in both residential and commercial settings. From entry doors to interior doors, these doors’ intrinsic characteristics make them suitable for a variety of uses.

Amongst others, the incredible perks of fiberglass doors include:

Unimaginable Affordability

Compared to wooden doors, fiberglass doors do not even cost half of the amount. Unlike wood, which has to be shipped from rainforests and carefully crafted into various shapes, fiberglass is created from recycled materials within a manufacturing facility. The latter results in a considerable difference between the prices of wooden doors and fiberglass doors.

If you dream of installing a gorgeous wooden french patio door but can not afford it, a fiberglass door will not disappoint you in terms of budget-friendliness.

Eminent Visual Appeal And Energy Efficiency

The wood-like elegance of fiberglass doors can not be emphasized enough. As mentioned earlier, fiberglass doors are so similar to wooden doors that even a door manufacturer could be deceived into believing it is wood.

Besides the exquisite appearance, the energy efficiency of fiberglass doors is remarkable. While wood is a natural insulator, fiberglass doors flaunt entirely insulated cores artificially devised to diminish the thermal transfer between the external and internal environments.

Hence, you would not have to worry about the sudden chills you receive when you approach your front door in the winter. Apart from the enhanced comfort and controlled temperatures, the insulation benefits also reduce your energy consumption and, ultimately, your energy bills.

Unending Versatility And Design Variety

Beauty without versatility and customization possibilities is like a beautiful outfit with no size options. At Walbert Windows, we offer eternal versatility and customization options on all our interior, front, and back doors. We give you the freedom to fantasize your dream door and turn it into a tangible reality.

Incomparable Durability And Longevity

Unlike wooden doors, which start decomposing and degrading due to unprotected exposure to moisture, the polyurethane core of fiberglass doors makes them highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. Likewise, fiberglass doesn’t swell like wood or steel in extreme temperatures. Thus, cold drafts in the winter and jammed doors in the summer will not be a problem for you.

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Fantastic Security And Fire Resistance

One of the primary functions of an entry door is to protect your family and belongings from external threats such as theft and burglary. It might surprise you to hear that fiberglass doors are actually more secure than wooden doors. Their flawless construction, coupled with the inherent qualities of fiberglass, provides optimum security for your home.

While wood needs a Zinc-Chloride coating to resist flame, fiberglass is innately non-flammable. The latter makes this material even more secure and safe.

Effortless Maintenance

Last but not least, fiberglass is not as expensive to maintain as other door materials. Fiberglass doors do not require frequent painting or staining and are relatively easy to clean. While cleaning wooden doors, you would think twice before using a damp cloth on them. Thanks to the ingrained resistance of fiberglass doors to moisture, wiping the dust off with a wet cloth is never harmful.

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