Here are some of your frequently asked questions answered by our professional Windows and Doors contractors:

Triple glazing is bestIf you’re looking for a thermally efficient home that doesn’t let heat escape, triple glazing is the best choice for you. The 2 outer panes have a Low E glass coating to reflect heat back into your home, while between the panes is krypton, an inert gas that acts as another barrier to retain heat. This technology acts in two ways, keeping heat inside your home and preventing cold from getting in from the outside. Triple glazing is most suited to the north-facing elevation of your home where less heat will be coming into your home from the sun. You’re best to mix our A or A+ rated double-glazing with our A++ triple-glazed windows to get the ultimate performance. Triple glazing isn’t just better for its heat retention properties, it also acts as a fantastic sound barrier. The extra pane of glass provides extra sound insulation, reducing external noise from roads, railways or airports in your vicinity.
You can, but it’s not something we would recommend as there’s a good chance it won’t look very good. If you really want to paint your frames then you can buy UPVC primer that will make it easier for the paint to adhere, but once done it’s almost impossible to return to the original unpainted effect. Be aware that by painting or modifying your windows, you will invalidate your guarantee, so give us a call before doing anything too drastic. Walbert Windows does, however, provide a range of window colours to suit all your needs. This includes choosing different colours on the outside and the inside, giving you more control over the design of your home.
25 Years WarrantyWe want our customers to be delighted with their windows and the customer service we provide so we offer various guarantees across our products. We offer a 20 years to Lifetime guarantee on all our frames, and 25 years for sealed units in our UPVC. In the unlikely event of a problem with your windows, we’ll do our best to fix it quickly and without hassle. At Walbert Windows, we try our level best to facilitate our clients.
Yes, we do. We offer UPVC bay and bow windows and bay and bow conversions. However, if you’re building a new bay window, then give us a call.
Water or frost on windows is condensation. Condensation is formed when warm moist air comes in contact with cooler dry air. An example of this is when a bathroom mirror steams up after a hot shower. Just like that mirror, the inside or outside of your window can sweat or fog because of temperature differentials.
Argon gasArgon and other inert gases are used to reduce the loss of heat through an insulating glass unit. Since inert gases are heavier than air, their molecules do not move as easily. This makes the space between the panes of glass in the window less conductive. Inert gases between the panes of the glass make it more difficult for the warmer inside air to pass through the glass to the colder outside. With lower heat loss, the R-Value is increased.
This is where low emissivity or Low-E glass coatings come into play. Low-e glass has a microscopically thin, transparent coating – it is much thinner than human hair – that reflects long-wave infrared energy (or heat). Some varieties of Low-E glass also reflect significant amounts of short-wave solar infrared energy.
Yes, nothing is stopping you from replacing your windows or doors in the winter. As soon as it turns out you need your windows replaced we can perform a winter installation. The Walbert Windows team will gladly help you on most winter days – just as long as the conditions allow for it. We might need to reschedule our appointment if it’s too cold, too snowy, or the wind is too strong.
There are some extreme cases in which you’ll know immediately that your window or door needs replacing. However not all cases are quite so obvious. There are several things to look out for if you’re not sure whether you need new windows or doors, such as:
  • Any sort of cool drafts in the colder months or warm spots during summer around the window frame might be an indicator that your windows aren’t completely sealed – that’s a good reason to replace your windows.
  • If you notice any form of ice build-up happening, that’s an indicator of poor insulation, with the poor thermal material allowing for a quick transition from hot air to cold. Replacing your window should remedy this.
  • Paint or wood peeling from the window, as well as any other physical damage you notice, may be a good cause to have your windows replaced, as any little crack may actually result in your windows losing the ability to keep air out.
  • If your heating or cooling costs are rising, that’s a good indicator that something is wrong with your windows.
  • If your doors or windows no longer open or close easily, replacing them is the most reliable means of fixing that.
Replacing your windows before selling your house is not something you should really consider unless your windows are really old and might be a turn-off to potential buyers. The costs involved are high and the result doesn’t usually increase much in terms of property value. Additionally, some signs of wear and tear can be easily remedied without a full-on window replacement, so see what you can do to spruce up your windows before selling prior to making arrangements to replace your windows.
If you have older windows in your house, it’s important to know that they may have certain drawbacks new windows don’t have. They can let the air escape and be vulnerable to UV rays that heat up your home – this will increase your bills and decrease the comfort level of your home. New windows are generally much more reliable and energy-efficient, so you should definitely hire a top rated windows and doors company in Edmonton if you feel that your old windows are no longer doing their job properly.
There are a lot of benefits to aluminium as a window frame material. One of the most important ones is the fact that aluminium can be used in relatively small amounts without losing any of its strength, allowing for very slim frames with a maximised glass area. Aluminium also doesn’t get damaged easily and the maintenance is very simple. It won’t discolour quickly, and it gives the windows a high-end look. Lastly, it’s one of the most energy-efficient materials out there.
It might seem complicated or even impossible, but it is actually very much achievable. Start by marking the positions of the four curtain brackets with a corner. Put one above each corner of the window frame. Make sure you also mark the holes for the screws. Drill pilot holes – use a drill that’s narrower than the diameter of your screw. In order to prevent cracking, tap in anchor screws. It’s time to screw in the bracket assembly – use an electric screwdriver to make it faster. Each decorative rod should have one finial removed – what you have to do now is place two rods on the bracket in a way that will make the plain endpoint to the corner. You can use a hacksaw to trim your rod down if necessary. Take the rods down and use a rod adapter to make a corner frame. Remove the finials, place the curtains on the rods, and reattach the finials. Place on the brackets and you’re done.
In simple terms, condensation is the layer of mist that appears on your windows due to moisture. It’s caused by high humidity levels and might be an indicator that your home isn’t ventilated well enough. Condensation is the most common for glass, as glass has the lowest temperature in your home, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only place you’ll encounter it. If left unattended, condensation may lead to peeling paint, rotting wood, mildew, moisture spots, etc.
Sash windows are definitely one of the most efficient types of windows out there. One of their biggest advantages is the fact that the casement windows have hook-shaped locks that are embedded into the frame, which helps enhance security, as they’re not so easily opened from the outside. Finally, cleaning and ventilating are made easy due to the fact that you can open them at 90 degrees.



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